Marie-France Legault (you can call her Marie) is the owner and main person who will attend to your needs. She is a Chiropractor by training and has a wealth of knowledge to help you out. She put aside her practice to dedicate all of her time to providing high-quality service and great products to bring more comfort to your life. Whether you need a knee brace a walker or a compression stockings., rollators Marie will listen to your needs, talk about your options and deliver with exceptional service and a hint of a French accent!

Dr. Nick is Marie's husband and he is a practicing Chiropractor. He may be in the office doing the best he can to cover for Marie if needed and he will probably be the one who delivers to your home.

Nick and Marie went to school together in South Carolina, returned to Canada, married in 2003, practiced in Calgary and returned to Ontario in 2007. They have two children and took over this Home Care business in June 2019.

Who is Heather? Heather Mahon is the previous owner and founder of this business. Marie spent intensive months with Heather, taking over in June 2019. Heather remains a friend and a consultant if need be. You might even see her in the store when Nick & Marie go on vacation!